Improving Warehouse Productivity with Scanco Warehouse and Sage 100

Sage 100You can improve productivity and efficiency throughout your operation with Scanco Warehouse and Sage 100. Scanco Warehouse, integrated with Sage 100, offers many features that will save time and effort throughout your entire warehouse operations.

Scanco Warehouse and Sage 100 Boosts Productivity and Efficiency

Scanco Warehouse 100 offers a seamless integration with Sage 100 so that your warehouse data flows instantly into Sage. Live validation and real-time connection means that there’s no delay updating the data; it’s updated throughout the system as soon as a change is made anywhere in the company. Mix and match hardware devices and easy installation are just the icing on the cake with this platform.

But perhaps the best features for enhancing productivity in the Scanco Warehouse system is the hands-free barcoding accessories that are available. These enable workers to complete barcoding projects quickly and while handling other materials, so you don’t have to have some tied up with a scanner or other equipment. Voice-activation makes it fast and simple.

Other Tips to Boost Warehouse Productivity

The warehouse is often the place within the company where small changes reap the biggest rewards. To improve productivity even more, use these tips:

  • Measure your warehouse outputs: You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Measure how much time it takes to receive shipments, process goods, and fulfill orders. Use Sage 100 to record information and run reports to establish benchmarks. When you have benchmarks, you can then measure against them over time.
  • Use vertical space: Many warehouses do not use their vertical space effectively. Think of installing higher shelves, racks, or other equipment to store materials vertically rather than expanding square footage. You can probably come up with even better uses for your existing space. Consider how shifting some shelves might free up more area, or installing new vertical rack systems can increase how much you can store within the same square foot.
  • Consider motioncontrolled lights: Lights that turn on and off automatically can shave off considerable costs from your electrical bill. Installing lights that illuminate sections of rows of a warehouse ensures safety by adequately lighting areas in use, while managing costs by shutting off the lights in unused areas. Automatic controls make it easier to use since employees won’t have to think about turning on or shutting off lights.
  • Motivate employees with graphics: Everyone needs to know they’re doing a good job. Motivate warehouse staff by posting Sage 100 reports displaying critical information and showing a job well done. Create a spot on a wall where you can hang up letters, awards, and other information showing your team has done a good job.
  • Ask for inputs: Ask for input from your team. The people working in the warehouse itself are likely the best ones to suggest changes to procedures and processes throughout the system for improved productivity. They know their jobs the best and you should take into consideration their suggestions. See if you can implement one or more of their suggestions. The more you can implement your team’s suggestions, the better your warehouse will run, and the more suggestions you will receive in the future.

For more tips on how to improve productivity throughout your warehouse, visit Scanco’s blog.

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