How to Mobilize Your Sales Team

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Mobile technology is here to stay. With the abundance of tablets and smartphones on the market, companies are reevaluating their stance on workforce mobility.  A mobile workforce can provide immense benefits, such as an increase in sales and productivity. Rather than sending out your sales team to make a connection only to have to come back to the office to enter the information into your company’s system, arm them with a mobile device so they can do their work on the road!

The world is becoming more mobile every day. The United States is one of the top 3 mobile users in the world. As much as 36% of business marketing emails are opened on mobile devices, and by 2014, mobile internet is expected to surpass desktop internet usage.  Over the past several years, smartphone sales have become more substantial than PC sales, and companies are slowly beginning to adopt mobile strategies.

If your consumers are mobile, your sales force needs to be mobile as well. Having a mobile sales team no longer puts you ahead of the game – it puts you in the game. Your sales team needs to be able to close deals on the road and look up information for potential clients. Here are a few tips designed to help you effectively mobilize your sales team:

1. Get to Know Your Sales Team

While you may think you have a good idea of how your sales representatives conduct their daily tasks, you probably have some research to do. Find out how they want to access customer data on-the-go and if they need access to product information out on the road when talking to prospects. Figure out how often your sales team is out of the office. Are they in the field 50% of the time or more? If so, they need a mobile solution.

Find out what your sales team desires and develop a mobile strategy based on a combination of their desires and your needs. After all, they are the people who will be using the application – not you. Finding out what they want and desire will ensure that the use of the mobile solution.

2. Arm Your Sales Team with the Proper Tools

Now that you know what your sales team wants, how do you go about achieving it? Should you invest in tablets, smartphones, or stick to the traditional notebooks? Many sales teams desire mobility but don’t have the space to tote around bulky devices; therefore, smartphones are a good solution for the many sales teams. Rather than having to invest in a specific device, your company can buy smartphones in bulk and load sales applications onto the phone directly.

3. Make it Easy for your Sales Team to Access Critical Information

If you want your sales team to actually use the device and application, make it easy for them. A complicated system will only deter users. Enable your sales team to log onto your company’s system and access the tools and information you need from their smartphones or tablets. This will encourage them to update customer information on the spot, making it easier for both the client and the sales person.

Your sales team will also need to have the capability to access product information and brochures. If prospective clients want to know about a certain products capabilities, the sales person should be able to point them directly to the product page or literature. If the prospect asks for a quote, your sales team will need to have quick and easy access to that information. Mobile devices and applications will better prepare them to face any question out in the field.

Mobilizing your sales team will take some work and readjusting on your part, but it will prove to be valuable to your organization. Mobile devices not only give your sales team instant access to customer records while out in the field, but they also arm them with the necessary information to complete a sale. Mobility is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity if your company plans on staying in the competition.

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