How Going Mobile Can Help Your Company Grow

Grow-Your-Business-with-Sage-100-Mobile-TechnologyOver the past couple of months, we’ve discussed how incorporating mobile technology into the warehouse and your sales process can help your company increase efficiency, save money, and improve productivity. Using smartphones and tablets you already own, you can download mobile applications, such as Scanco Sales and Scanco Warehouse, to streamline warehouse management and complete orders faster from start to finish. While we’ve talked extensively about the benefits of mobile technology, we’ve yet to reference any stories of how mobile technology is transforming real warehouses today. In this article, we’d like to take a moment to showcase real accounts of how warehouses across the country are using mobile devices to improve their warehouse management.

According to Sage, warehouses are just now beginning to realize the value of mobile technology specific to warehouse management. In a recent report on mobility in the warehouse, Sage revealed that 70% of key business decision makers are planning on using mobile technology to make their workforce more productive, leaner, and profitable. Eaton Corp. is one such business. After spending several months and many dollars developing their own mobile app to enhance operations, the $4 billion vehicle group is able to access the data they need in real-time in order to prevent problems and ensure driver safety on road tests. Using the mobile application, drivers have access to pertinent information immediately, making the entire process smoother and much safer.

While not every company has the time and means to create their own mobile app, there is an answer to the mobile need. Our Sage 100 mobile (formerly Sage MAS 90 mobile / MAS 200 mobile) app, Scanco Warehouse, can provide you with everything you need to provide you with an intelligent warehouse on any device. Designed with more than 26 years of experience in barcode automation, Scanco Warehouse will change the way you work and manage your warehouse. The application provides your workers with accurate inventory levels, barcoding capabilities, and real-time reports so you never have to wonder what’s happening in the warehouse. To learn more, contact us today.

Do you have a story to share? If you’ve implemented mobile technology into your warehouse environment in the past six months, contact us today. We’d love to hear how you are using mobile technology to further your warehouse management efforts!