How Field Service Can Increase Sales and Drive Profitability

iStock_000080039559_SmallYour field service team isn’t just a group that solves customer problems. In strategically focused companies, the team is leveraged to increase sales and profitability. As the “face” of the company after the sale, field service can interact with customers on a regular basis. With the right tools, they can create new sales, promote special items, communicate stock levels, conduct surveys and share company news.

Customers love personal interaction. When your field service staff is trained to listen and solve a problem quickly and efficiently, customer satisfaction increases. Having the right tools will help your field sales team be more responsive to the customer. Mobile field service apps bring customer and operational data and processes to the location where it is needed most. With mobile field service applications, your company will see:

  • Increased field service productivity and efficiency
  • Improved customer and inventory data accuracy
  • Fewer customer complaints and more satisfied customers
  • Streamlined communication and information updates
  • Increased revenue and improved profitability

Scanco Service is a Sage 100 mobile app that allows your field service team to be fully responsive to the customer. The application gives you real-time access to inventory both on the truck and in the warehouse. Its advanced scanning technology eliminates manual data entry and ensures accuracy. The mobile field service app runs on any iOS, Android or Windows device and provides everything a field service representative needs. Contact us to learn more about mobile field service applications.