How Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Improves Your Bottom Line

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Cloud-Warehouse-Management-SoftwareOver the past few years, Cloud computing has taken over the technology world, providing large and small businesses with the opportunity to connect to their data seamlessly at any time from any place. This access to real-time information has changed warehouse management as we know it, allowing managers and senior-level executives to gain visibility into the warehouse and make effective decisions even when they are away from the office. Cloud-based warehouse management solutions (WMS), however, are more than simply operational tools. When used right, Cloud-based WMS can help you achieve strategic business and boardroom goals to launch your business in the right direction.

While traditional warehouse management systems allow you to manage your warehouse with ease, they lack the capability to provide top level executives and management with the data and information they need when they need it. By moving your software to the Cloud, you will still have the same level of warehouse management support, but you can also have all of the information you need at your fingertips to influence strategic business decisions and improve your bottom line.

Using the Cloud to Achieve Strategic Goals

Cloud-based warehouse management is an invaluable tool. Not only does it automate time-consuming warehouse processes and streamline communication within the organization, but it also allows you to achieve the strategic goals set forth in the boardroom. Take a look at some of the benefits businesses just like yours are experiencing from Cloud-based warehouse management:

  • Reduced supply chain costs by up to 15% – Cloud warehouse management solutions will provide you with real-time data and reports so you can uncover hidden inefficiencies.
  • Increased output while reducing labor costs – With built-in labor management functionality, Cloud-based warehouse management software can help you increase efficiency to lower labor costs and shorten cycle times.
  • Improved revenue collection capabilities – Cloud warehouse management solutions have billing functionality built into the system so you can continue to capture and collect payments with ease.

By providing you with a clear view of all the real-time analytics from your business operations, you will be able to measure the direct impact your warehouse management solution has on your business and – in return – use it to continually improve your efforts. Every single one of your businesses strategic goals can be accomplished and monitored by maximizing your Cloud-based warehouse management solution. By investing in the right system now, you are ensuring the success of your operational and strategic goals in the future.

Scanco Warehouse: The Complete Cloud Warehouse Management Solution

Knowing what we do about Cloud technology, we knew that offering our clients solutions that take advantage of the Cloud would be in our (and their) best interest. That’s why we created Scanco Warehouse, the first Sage 100 mobile warehouse management application to give companies the best of traditional WMS in the Cloud. Operable on any iOS, Android or Windows Mobile device, Scanco Warehouse seamlessly integrates to your Sage 100 ERP system, allowing you to capture information in real-time and make decisions on the fly.

The benefits of the Cloud are only increasing, and your company would be smart to invest in the technology now. In addition to improved operations, Cloud-based warehouse management increases the accuracy of your business data, which – in turn – directly improves your bottom line. Inaccurate data hinders your bottom line, and accurate data strengthens it. Cloud-based warehouse management software improves the overall accuracy of your inventory and warehouse information, allowing you to identify any bottlenecks and workflow issues as they arise. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how Cloud technology can help you gain control of your warehouse while achieving your profitability goals.