How Barcode Label Printing can Maximize the Effectiveness of Warehouse Automation

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As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, barcoding can be extremely beneficial to warehouses looking to improve warehouse efficiency and automation. Warehouse management comes with its fair share of challenges and responsibilities. Warehouse managers need to know where their products are located at all times and in each step of the distribution process. Products also need to be put away in the right location when they are received so that management can keep track of inventory levels. Barcode labels help alleviate the stress of managing the warehouse and provide your workers with instant access to information for any item in your warehouse.

Barcode label printing can streamline your distribution process and offer your company the ideal warehouse automation solution. The barcode label printer prints out a self-adhesive label with the appropriate shipping and product information for each product or item. Once employed, this technology eliminates the need for companies to manually create packing and shipping tags. Barcode labels help manufacturing companies manage virtually every step of the shipping process, freeing up employees to focus on other tasks.

Barcode label printing devices provide companies with adequate control over their warehouse processes and real-time visibility into their inventory levels. While it may take some time to implement, barcoding labels will transform your warehouse and automate your most complicated warehouse processes.

Scanco offers two unique solutions for your barcode label printing needs. MP2, Scanco’s newest label printing program, works with Sage 100 ERP to print any type of label (with any kind of information) you need. LabelXpert Designer works directly with Sage 500 ERP to print and design labels to increase your warehouse’s effectiveness.

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