Getting More Out of Acumatica Manufacturing

Acumatica manufacturingCongratulations! You’ve made the leap to JAMS Acumatica manufacturing ERP, so now you have real-time business data available anywhere and anytime. Well, at least, you’ll have that data if you collect it. Have you set up a plan for data collection? While you’re at it, have you also set up a plan for business optimization based on that data? If you answered “no” to either of those two questions, we need to talk.

Don’t panic! Data collection and analysis for your Acumatica system can be easy with XScan from Scanco. Get fast answers when you contact Scanco.

Improve Your Data Collection

Real-time data with XScan for your Acumatica manufacturing system can help you stay on top of important parts of your business, effortlessly, with automated tracking for labor effectiveness, materials and supply-chain availability, and materials completion, but all this tracking does more for your Acumatica-run business than you think.

With accurate data collection, you can:

  • Improve processes – Optimize your manufacturing operations by using real-time data to let you know where you have delays and bottlenecks so you can eliminate them. Small changes in your efficiency can increase your production speed, delivering a higher yield in less time.
  • Decrease testing time – In some industries, quality control creates a large testing load for your employees. Make those multiple tests go faster when you track lot/serial testing with barcoding on your shop floor that’s easy to monitor with your mobile scanning software and dashboards.
  • Deliver customer satisfaction – With access to real-time data on your shop floor, you’ll always know exactly how much time it will take to complete an order. That means when your customers call wanting status updates, you’ll have all the answers you need right at your fingertips without any extra effort from you or your staff.

Go Beyond Tracking Data

Here’s a sad fact: Many companies confuse the data collection process with the big data analysis process. In truth, your company needs to go beyond the day-to-day data gathering stages to be able to create real change in your business. The best way to do this is with configurable dashboards that deliver your manufacturing data in a visually appealing manner—in real time.

Go beyond tracking data by asking “What If” questions and building dashboards to answer those questions.

  • What if you can’t source raw materials on time due to weather or other shipping delays?
  • What if a specific percentage of your labor calls in sick?
  • What if you get a rush order?
  • What if your quality control falls flat and you need to redo an entire lot?
  • What if your equipment breaks down?

In your own personal life or your own business day, you can anticipate the consequences of certain actions such as scheduling meetings too close to one another at rush hour, delaying on making an order, or procrastinating on your year-end reporting tasks.

However, when you need to assess how small problems affect the many moving parts of your business, your best choice is to access accurate historical data (that you’ve collected in real time on your shop floor), and seeing how similar situations in the past can inform you about future consequences. That’s how you can make new business decisions with confidence.

Make Your Acumatica Manufacturing System Work Harder for You

Again, congratulations on making a difference to your manufacturing business by choosing the flexibility of Acumatica Cloud ERP. As you probably can already see, your ERP choice has improved productivity and efficiency at your company (and you’re probably loving those unlimited user seats, too).

Now that you have everyone connected with your business management system, it’s time to start optimizing your business practices and getting the most out of your cloud ERP. If you’re ready to start collecting data from everywhere on your shop floor (and beyond), as well as from your distribution operations and labor data, you’re ready for the powerful manufacturing automation capabilities you can only get with Scanco.

Contact Scanco online or at 1-877-SCANCO-1 to learn more about how you can integrate your on-floor mobile devices with your ERP for impressive data collection and business optimization.