Get Your Team Excited About Sage 100 Mobile Sales

Sage 100 mobileImplementing Sage 100 mobile sales? If you are, then get your team excited about mobile sales opportunities.

Mobile sales doesn’t just mean order-taking on the go, although that’s an important step to improve efficiencies in many organizations. Mobile sales can also mean connecting via a cloud-based ERP system to customer information. This information allows sales teams to answer questions in the field quickly and easily, which improves confidence in your organization.

If mobile sales solutions are new to your team, consider ways to improve adoption rates with the new software. Contests or challenges, with rewards for small steps achieved, are helpful. So is training, which should be done both in the office and in the field to ensure people understand how best to use their new Sage 100 mobile sales system.

Mobile sales solutions can help companies synchronize warehouse data with sales, input orders quickly, and provide real-time data to the operations offices looking at the data to make decisions. With real-time sales, your team knows exactly which products are moving fast and which are moving slowly and can take steps to reorder needed items promptly. It’s a great way to optimize efficiency in your warehouse.

Scanco Sales is just one of many Sage 100 mobile solutions offered by Scanco. We’re on a mission to help improve your warehouse management and inventory control. Integrate, optimize, and improve efficiencies with Scanco. Contact us today.