Four Important Tips for Choosing Mobile Computers

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Selecting the right mobile computer and data capture hardware can be challenging. How do you know which solution will be the best fit for your company? With so many devices available, the selection process can indeed be challenging, but it is not impossible. Consider the following tips when choosing the right mobile computer for your warehouse management needs:

  1. Industry standards and certifications
    Mobile computers and other data capture hardware need to comply to your industry’s standards for security, connectivity and development.  Selecting devices that meet these criteria will reduce a company’s expenses in the long run.
  2. The environment and users
    The environment in which your mobile computer will be used is crucial when selecting the right hardware for your warehouse. The mobile computer users are equally important. Consider how different workers would use the device and whether or not the device supports their daily tasks.
  3. Flexibility
    Choose devices that can change along with your organization and that provide a platform for future enhancements.
  4. Support
    It is important to consider who will provide support for your device. Ask each vendor what their support options entail and whether or not the mobile devices include support-friendly features.

For more information about mobile computers, download our Handheld Comparison Guide. If you’d like to begin the investigation process, contact us today.