Essential Tasks for Your Mobile Field Service Solution

mobile field serviceFor many companies, a mobile field service solution doesn’t simply provide great customer service to far-flung clients—it’s actually an operational necessity. It’s also a prime differentiator than can help you pull ahead of your competition. However, you don’t want to differentiate yourself the wrong way by becoming the company known for late arrivals, hassle-filled paperwork, and inaccurate invoices. Whether your clients require help in their homes, offices, or on the road, using the right field service software will help you deliver better, more timely service, making it easy for your clients to add you to their speed-dial list when they need a hand at a location of their choice.

Online and Offline Mode

Access out in the field can be spotty, and you don’t want to keep your clients waiting as your employees stare at their smartphone screens and complain that they have “no bars.” Instead, you should make sure to choose software that seamlessly completes client transactions and offers important data whether your employees are online or offline at the time, and then syncs any updates back to your main system when data connectivity is restored.

Easy-to-Use Software

We know this won’t be a surprise to you, but your field service employees … well, they work away from the office. Yes, we know that’s obvious information, but we often run into companies that don’t take that fact into consideration when purchasing their mobile field service software, and they end up with hard-to-use software that doesn’t work well on a mobile device.

Just as you don’t want your employees wasting time waiting for a network connection, you also don’t want them to look unprofessional in front of your clients by having trouble entering or accessing important data. It’s hard to maintain professionalism and stay on schedule if your employees are all trying (and failing) to operate their mobile device software, and it’s even less professional if they have to call the office for help.

Plus, when they don’t know how to use their software, they’re bound to make critical time and billing errors you’ll need to sort out later. Instead of dealing with all that, help out your team; give them easy-to-use, intuitive software, and they’ll use it well.

Fleet Tracking with GPS

None of us like waiting around for service, and arrival/service times “anywhere from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM” are so ludicrous that they’ve become a joke in modern culture. Predicting arrival times is tough, but your company can rise above your competitors by answering customer queries with narrowed arrival windows and up-to-date fleet locations. To do this, however, you’ll need a solution that offers GPS tracking so you always know how close your employees are to their next destination.

Real-Time Updating

Fleet tracking only provides part of the solution though. It’s a fact of life that field-service work often takes longer than expected. Whether the delays are due to hard-to-reach access points, unexpected problems that went way beyond your customer’s descriptions, missing parts, bad weather, or any of the other countless slowdowns that occur nearly every day, the fact is: you need to know the real-time status of work orders so that you can answer customer queries and schedule your jobs properly.

Help your dispatch team work efficiently with real-time updating options that are built right in to your field service solution.

Learn More About Mobile Field Service Software

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