Empowering Your Sales Team with Sage 100c and Sage 100 (f/k/a MAS 90 and 200)

Sage 100Here at Scanco, we often talk to business leaders who don’t know what sales automation really means. They also don’t know how much they’re missing out by thinking solely of contact management and pipeline tracking when they consider sales automation software. CRMs for your Sage 100c or Sage 100 system (f/k/a MAS 90) are necessary tools for busy companies, but they only go so far to assist your sales team in closing deals.

This shouldn’t be surprising. After all, a sales team requires more than contact lists and to-do items in order to do their jobs well. Find out what true sales automation provides with today’s informative article.

It’s a busy season, and you’re a busy person. Save some time and get the facts right away when you contact Scanco online or call (877) SCANCO-1 to get a rundown on the information that matters to you. Not ready to call? Check out the Scanco Sales app online.

What Your Sales Team Needs

As other sales automation platforms have taught us, anywhere/anytime access is a necessity for your on-the-go sales team, so all effective sales tools must be accessible on Android and iOS.

Successful automation apps for Sage 100c / Sage 100 (f/k/a MAS 90 and 200) help your sales team:

  • Schedule impromptu meetings

Using always-available contact data with GPS location capabilities, your sales team will know where to find clients and prospects and can try to schedule spur-of-the-moment lunch meetings “while they’re in the area.”

Since this is a core feature of all the best sales automation apps, we won’t dwell on this point except to mention that it’s also a part of Scanco Sales within the Sage Mobility suite developed by Scanco.

  • Intrigue prospects and customers

Though most sales apps offer contact lists and easy calling and scheduling capabilities, very few offer options once the salesperson has managed to land a meeting. You never know what a customer will be interested in from your product catalog, so it’s best to have a comprehensive catalog on demand that includes all your products, with pictures.

Of course, your sales team could carry around paper catalogs like they have for years, but printing costs sure are expensive, and the data in those print catalogs becomes quickly outdated. They also don’t tell you what your current stock levels are of each item.

Scanco Sales for Sage 100c/Sage 100 (f/k/a MAS 90) provides up-to-date pricing and inventory levels of all your items, with pictures of everything, including your newest items. Best of all, this catalog on demand doesn’t require any printing—ever.

  • Close more deals

Another major shortcoming in many of today’s so-called sales automation apps happens right at the most important task in a salesperson’s cycle: closing. Without seamless Sage 100c integration, your salesperson will have to leave their impromptu meeting, call the main office to quote or place an order, draw up sales orders, and wait for the prospect’s signature on the dotted line. How slow!

With Scanco Sales, your hardworking salespeople can move on to new opportunities fast and sell more for your company with built-in, mobile-enabled tools for quoting, ordering, capturing signatures, and automating email confirmations. Since Scanco Sales is tightly integrated with your ERP, the sale will show up instantly in SO, so you can start scheduling immediately.

Built for On-the-Go Teams Using Sage 100c or Sage 100 (f/k/a MAS 90 and 200)

As a savvy business owner, we expect that you’ll take the information you’ve learned in this blog and start looking for sales automation apps online in multiple price tiers offering varied levels of service and integration to your Sage 100c / Sage 100 (f/k/a MAS 90) system. That’s smart business.

As you look, keep an eye out for the rock-bottom-priced “web apps” that some vendors will try to fool you with. These mock-applications reside in the web and are, therefore, web accessible but they aren’t sold on the App Store or Google Play because they’re not native apps. Native apps are written specifically for your device’s programming language (such as Android or iOS) and offer better functionality, an improved customer experience, and enhanced data security.

The “native apps” vs. “web apps” debate may seem like a minor technicality to you in your purchasing stage, but when your sales team can’t access important data during a sales meeting due to slow Internet service, or when your top salesperson loses their Internet connection in the middle of entering a sale (and loses all the data they’ve entered thus far), your choice will matter.

If you’re interested in learning more about a native app that’s tightly integrated with Sage 100 and Sage 100c, and you’d like to claim five free user licenses, contact Scanco online or call us at (877) SCANCO-1. We look forward to talking with you.