Elearning Platforms Proven to Increase User Adoption Rates of Warehouse Management Solutions

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Elearning-Increases-User-Adoption-of-Warehouse-Management-SolutionsEveryone knows that installing new software is a process. Before you can even purchase the software, you have to host a series of discussions about whether the solution is the “right fit” for your company and compare it to a long list of requirements compiled by senior management, executives, and other team members. Then, once you’ve chosen the software, you have to work out installation time frames with the vendor, create achievable goals, backup your existing system, prep your data for transfer, and prepare your team for the installation. And we haven’t even started the actual implementation!

With all of that in consideration, the most difficult and exhaustive aspect of any new software implementation is training. If you’ve ever implemented a new warehouse management or ERP system, you know what we’re talking about. Training your employees on any new technology is going to be costly and tedious. Companies have been known to drop hundreds upon thousands of dollars during the training phase just to help their employees master the system. Many businesses dedicate weeks to training, often taking a substantial hit in productivity and sales to do so. While investing in new technology and software is certainly an important part in moving your business forward, it’s not important enough to lose time (or worse – money) over.

That’s why so many companies are moving to online training (elearning) platforms.

Why use an elearning platform vs. in-person training?
Elearning tools are soaring in popularity, and for good reason. Recent research has shown that companies who use elearning tools to train employees on new software and technology not only reduce the cost of and time involved in training, but they also have higher adoption rates, allowing companies to experience the benefits of the software faster than companies using traditional software training environments. Elearning has also been said to better engage software users, as the responsibility is put into their own hands rather than in someone else’s.

Take a look at some key statistics detailing the benefits of using elearning training tools in place of in-person training sessions:

  • In 2011, 77% of corporations in the United States were using online training tools; in 1995 only 4% of corporations were using these tools.
  • Elearning has become the second most important training method among businesses of all kinds. While in-person training still reigns at number one, many companies are combining these methods to provide their employees with both in-person and online training.
  • Elearning takes up 25-60% less time than traditional classroom training methods.
  • According to the National Research Business Institute, 23% of employees leave due to lack of training and development opportunities. With elearning tools, companies can offer employees ongoing training at very little cost.
  • Elearning costs less than classroom training. In fact, 85% of every dollar spent on classroom training is spent in the delivery (travel, instructor time, materials, etc.).
  • Elearning is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25 – 60%.
  • Corporations that replace instructor-based training with elearning save between 50-70% in training costs.
  • In 2011 elearning tools were the most popular learning technology, used by 80% of employers.

Elearning is the ideal platform with which to train end-users on new and existing warehouse management software solutions. Because users can attain the knowledge they need much more quickly, user adoption rises dramatically when elearning is involved. If your company is interested in reaping the benefits of your new warehouse management solution sooner rather than later, elearning may be the best option for you.

We currently offer online training programs for two of our Sage 100 mobile applications, Scanco Warehouse and Scanco Sales. Scanco University is an elearning tool designed to help users utilize their software solutions to the best of their abilities at their own pace. If you are currently operating either of these products (or if you’re considering investing in them), contact us today to learn how you can benefit from this new and exciting tool.