Don’t Let Your Sales and Mobile Field Service Reps Get Caught

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Sage 100 mobileAre your sales reps and mobile field service personnel aware of phishing schemes? Being in a customer-oriented job means that these sales and service employees receive many emails from outside of the company. They are often more highly visible in social media sites. This visibility is more likely to make them targets for phishing schemes. While our Sage 100 mobile apps, Scanco Sales and Scanco Service, provide built-in security, your mobile field service and sales personnel should be trained on phishing schemes.

Nearly every significant corporate data breach over the past few years has been a result of phishing. Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually through email, to steal your personal information. The best way to protect yourself from phishing is to recognize a phish. Phishing emails usually appear to come from a well-known organization and ask for your personal information—such as credit card number, security number, account number, or password. Often phishing attempts appear to come from sites, services, and companies with which you do business. In order for Internet criminals to successfully “phish” your personal information, they must get you to go from an email to a website. Phishing emails almost always tell you to click on a link that takes you to where your personal information is collected. Legitimate organizations would never request this information of you via email.

Almost everyone is vulnerable to a well-orchestrated phishing attack simply because we humans are naturally programmed to respond to things that are important to us. Mobile field service and sales personnel may be more susceptible because they are trained to respond quickly to customer situations. The stakes are high: a corporate phishing scam could cause direct financial loss, customer data breaches, or the theft of intellectual property. User awareness training should be a part of every corporate security program. See our blog, 6 Tips to Keep Your Sage 100 Mobile Data Secure, for more information about employee cybersecurity training.

Scanco can provide you with the latest Sage 100 mobile apps for your mobile field service and sales personnel. Contact us to learn more.