Does Your Organization Need a New Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse ManagementWarehouse management is no easy task. You have to deal with limited budgets, outdated or insufficient technology, increasing globalization, and general warehousing challenges. In order to evaluate where you lie on the spectrum of insurmountable difficulties all the way to overwhelming success, you need to reflect on your current reality.

If you can answer “yes” to any of the ten questions below, it may be time for a new warehouse management system. The more you answer affirmatively, the more difficulties you are probably facing. Answer each one of the following questions honestly, and use this insight to reflect on what you can do to change the answers to “no” in order to move towards success.

  1. Do you struggle to automate the pick, pack and ship process to be accurate and efficient?
  2. Do you experience significant write-offs when you take your physical inventory?
  3. Have you neglected to give your warehousing staff the resources they need to respond to situations as they arise?
  4. Do you need to raise the bar on operational efficiency and productivity?
  5. Are you losing money due to stock shortages or overstock?
  6. Do you have trouble minimizing inventory and monitoring margins?
  7. Are you inflexible and inefficient in meeting customer expectations in regards to lead-times, service quality, and commitments?
  8. Is it difficult for you to add more products and services to your warehouse operations?
  9. Are your sales and field service efforts ineffective because they don’t have real-time data?
  10. Are your barcoding systems running on antiquated hardware that doesn’t sync to your warehouse management system?

Designed from more than 26 years of experience in barcoding automation, Scanco Warehouse can help you automate your warehouse for success. Our warehouse management solutions include warehouse automation for Sage 500 and Sage 100. Contact us to see how we can help you improve your warehouse operations.