Does Your Inventory Management Solution include the Mobile Tracking of Goods?

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Why the Mobile Tracking of Goods is Crucial to Your Business

Mobile-Tracking-of-GoodsSure, you’ve mastered the art of inventory management in the warehouse and can rest assured knowing where your inventory is stored in (and how much is on its way to) the warehouse, but do you dedicate the same time and attention to the inventory sitting on the trucks your service technicians drive around every day? When most people think about inventory management, they typically only think about the inventory sitting in their warehouse. However, a true inventory management strategy includes the management of the company’s entire inventory situation – not just part of it.

If a service technician stores inventory on his or her truck in preparation for a day of service calls, then that truck serves as what we call a mobile warehouse. It’s a small-scale warehouse, but it’s still a warehouse. Keeping track of the inventory that passes through, therefore, becomes a priority not only to your overall inventory numbers but to the success of your service calls as well. To truly capitalize on their time in the field, your service technicians cannot be running back and forth to the main warehouse every time they forget a part. By planning their calls ahead and anticipating what they need, they can create a small inventory of items to meet their needs while out in the field.

Using the Mobile Tracking of Goods to Prevent Inventory Loss in the Field

Just as with any warehouse, ensuring that you do not lose precious inventory is crucial to any company operating a mobile warehouse of any kind. You have invested a lot of money in your inventory, and you do not want to throw it away just because you do not have an adequate mobile inventory management strategy. To prevent inventory loss out in the field and on your trucks, you need to find a way to track goods as they moving from your warehouse to the truck to the service job.

Before you convince yourself that a paper-based inventory log is sufficient, let us ask you one question: would you manage your main warehouse location the same way? Most of today’s warehouses are fully automated, relying on very few (if any) paper-based processes. If you are not using paper to manage your main warehouse, then what makes you think it’s a good idea to use it to manage a mobile warehouse? Inaccuracies and loss abound in paper-based inventory management and if you are interested in keeping track of your inventory, you need a more sophisticated solution on your truck.

Mobile field service solutions, such as Scanco Service, provide businesses with a way to track their goods in nontraditional environment. With the real-time, mobile tracking of goods, companies can see what items are on their trucks and account for those items in the full inventory picture. This helps service technicians see what they already have on hand on their truck and aids the inventory manager back at the warehouse by providing an accurate count of inventory items.

The Emergence of Mobile Field Service Apps

Mobile apps are becoming more prevalent in the office, warehouse and out in the field. Sales representatives are using mobile apps to streamline the sales process and close deals faster, and warehouse managers are using them to automate warehouse management processes and manage inventory as it moves through the warehouse. Using mobile field service applications like our Sage 100 field service app can help you keep track of the inventory on your trucks and prevent inventory loss from occurring. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about how the mobile tracking of goods through mobile field service apps can improve your company’s inventory management strategy and service capabilities.