Do You Know What’s on Your Service Trucks?

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Incorporating the Mobile Tracking of Goods in Field Service Management

Mobile-Tracking-of-Goods-Field-Service-ManagementInventory moves in and out of the warehouse every day and you are (ideally) aware of every item coming into and leaving the warehouse. You pay attention to the items moved through your warehouse to be shipped to your customers, but do you dedicate the same care and attention to the inventory that gets placed on your service trucks?

Accounting for the inventory located outside of your warehouse walls is an important but often overlooked task in inventory management. Even though it is not stored in the warehouse, the inventory on your truck is still in your possession until it is used to service a customer’s product. Therefore, it needs to be included in your regular inventory counts and tracking.

Tracking parts and goods in your service trucks is actually easier than you might imagine. With a mobile field service solution, you can scan items using a mobile device and update inventory records instantaneously. This provides your service technicians with a list of what is accounted for on the truck and your back-office with a full company-wide inventory count. With advanced field service applications like Scanco Service, your service technicians even have full visibility of stock levels along with picture identifications of all inventory in the system.

Do you know what inventory is stored on your service trucks, or do your technicians need to know what items are available in order to complete a job? Learn more about our mobile field service solution.