Do Warehouse Management and Text Messaging Go Together?

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How Innovative Warehouses are Using Modern Day Technology to Improve Their Warehouse Management Operations

Warehouse-Management-and-TextingToday’s warehouses are more innovative than ever in their approach to warehouse management. Not only are warehouse workers using smartphones and tablets in the warehouse for barcoding and reporting purposes, but they are also utilizing a commonly used feature of their devices to keep them on track and focused in the warehouse: text messaging. While it may seem not to have a place in the warehouse, text messaging is actually a very useful tool to have in today’s warehouse environments.

Our newest warehouse management solution, Scanco Enterprise, is one of the first products on the market to use text notifications for warehouse management purposes. Managers can use the texting features included in the solution to message any users for pertinent information regarding their responsibilities in the warehouse. This serves to link users across the warehouse, even if they are not in the same vicinity. Scanco Enterprise also uses text messaging to alert users when a new Sales Order (SO) or Purchase Order (PO) is added to Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200 software), allowing them to begin work on the new order almost immediately. Managers also have the ability to select specific users to create pick lists on the fly and message them to each user using their mobile devices.

Scanco Enterprise’s Notifications features set a new precedence in the warehouse. Now text messaging is not only acceptable but welcomed on the warehouse floor. It is helping companies increase their efficiency, improve visibility, and boost productivity so they can set themselves apart in the competitive market.

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