Customer-Driven Warehouse Management

Customer-Driven Warehouse ManagementIt is easy to become inward-focused in our warehouse management. We are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. However, it is also important to be outward-focused, looking to understand our customers’ needs in order to increase revenue. Being outward-focused means that customer satisfaction and retention needs to be a goal in warehouse management.

Warehouse Management Should Be Outward-Focused

Being inward-focused is important to increase efficiency, maintain quality, and reduce costs. Internal measurements tell us how our business is performing, but it doesn’t tell us much about our customers and can give us a false sense of our true performance. We have lots of numerical customer data if we are using an ERP system, including product purchases and revenue, but these numbers don’t tell us the whole story. Are your customers truly satisfied? Is there potential for improved satisfaction and increased revenue?

An outward focus is achieved by understanding how each aspect of warehouse management affects your customers’ experience. Making the sale is only the first part of the process. What happens after the sale matters even more. In order to create a seamless, positive experience for your customers, you must optimize the entire product-to-customer chain including sales, manufacturing, distribution, and service. Let’s look at how to be customer-driven in each of these areas.

How to Have Customer-Driven Operations

Sales: Your sales force is naturally outward-focused on the customer. This is usually the first point of company contact and they need to make a good impression. Extending operational data to the field is critical to empower your sales force with the knowledge they need to inform their customers of accurate levels of stock, pricing, and lead times. Your customers’ experiences are greatly enhanced by a seamless interface between sales and operations.

Using a mobile system to manage customer relationships integrated with your other business software is the best way to give your customer that exceptional experience. Scanco offers Sage 100 mobile sales—Scanco Sales is a cloud-based SaaS package that automates your mobile sales process. This Sage 100 mobile sales application provides a mobile interface to create and edit sales orders using advanced barcode technology. The app can be used to add customers, add contacts, and edit information in real time. It also gives your mobile sales force the operational data they need to manage the customer relationship.

Supply Chain: Excellent supply chain management is needed for great customer relationships. If you want to retain your customers, you need to have an operation that ships the right product every time and meets delivery schedules. A strategic approach to warehouse and distribution functions means aligning the process to meet your customers’ business needs.

  • Time to fulfillment: When you use an inventory management system to analyze product sales, you can have popular items in stock and ready to fulfill a customer’s order.
  • Pricing: More efficient operations means that pricing levels can meet customer expectations and competitive pressures.
  • In Stock: Having up-to-date inventory at all times means that you can offer the customer accurate inventory information.

By automating your warehouse, you can improve operations and offer your customers the reliability they need. Scanco Warehouse is a warehouse management system for Sage 100 (formerly MAS 200 ERP). The mobile application provides accurate inventory levels, improved ship time, and decreased errors. Scanco Warehouse is built with a direct connection to your Sage 100 database to verify every item as it is shipped. Your customers will receive and be billed for the right product.

Field Service: Your field service team is the face of the company to the customer after the sale. This contact point is critical to maintain customer satisfaction. Studies show that the majority of customers who take their business elsewhere do so because of poor customer service or lack of human interaction. The field service team can be a personal contact with the customer who knows their history and can solve their problem quickly and efficiently.

In order to empower your field service team to solve customer problems, they need to have instant access to customer, order, and product data. Mobile field service capabilities integrated with your operations should be a vital part of your field service strategy. Mobile field solutions can help boost customer satisfaction.

Scanco Service is a mobile field service application that works with Scanco Warehouse to integrate seamlessly with Sage 100 (formerly MAS 200 ERP). The app provides real-time data for your field service staff as they interact with your customers.

Being outward-focused in your warehouse management and overseeing the customer experience across all points of your operations will increase customer satisfaction and drive new sales. Scanco offers cutting-edge automation products you need to improve the customer experience from sales to the warehouse to service. Whether are looking for warehouse management automation, Sage 100 mobile sales, or mobile field sales, contact us today to begin the process of becoming outward focused in your operations.