Combining E-Commerce with Your Acumatica Warehouse Operations

Acumatica warehouseIn January, Acumatica announced that it would offer an e-commerce solution featuring Kensium, Magento, and Acumatica. By simplifying e-commerce management for merchants, Acumatica provides them with an important advantage. Consolidated data provides companies with a faster response time to customer inquiries and the ability to respond more quickly to opportunities and issues. Both offer excellent competitive advantages in the highly competitive e-commerce industry.

The $2.7 trillion e-commerce sector offers unprecedented opportunity, but the industry is very competitive. Merchants finding the best solution first can utilize their competitive advantage to gain market share, customer loyalty, and profits. As omni-channel retailing becomes more commonplace, integrated solutions such as Acumatica consolidate the management of their complex systems.

An Automated Acumatica Warehouse Helps You Keep E-Commerce Promises

In order to help their companies stand out from the crowd, many e-commerce merchants make bigger and better promises to their customers. Next-day delivery, satisfaction guaranteed, and other promises must be kept in order to build customer trust and company credibility.

Luckily, Scanco is also part of the Acumatica multi-cloud solution. With Scanco tools for the Acumatica warehouse, you can make and keep such promises more easily. Track orders, ensure popular items are in stock, and make good on your customer promises with ease. With the Acumatica warehouse automation in place, the difference between back-end and front-end systems diminishes, and the entire process becomes seamless.

Scanco offers mobile apps for Acumatica manufacturing and Acumatica warehouse operations. To learn more, contact us.