Cloud Technology Speeds Up Product Development

manufacturing automationManufacturing Automation and Mobile Warehouse Solutions Shorten Time to Market

Manufacturers are constantly under pressure to remain competitive. In order to increase accuracy, produce cheaper goods, and deliver faster than ever before, they must turn to the latest manufacturing automation and mobile warehouse solutions to enable them to remain competitive. Cloud technology is one of the best ways to improve business processes and services and stay ahead of the competition.

One area that is enhanced by cloud technology is product development. Developing new products may be the purview of your sales, marketing, or production departments. But freely sharing knowledge and information among these three departments is crucial for successful product development and launch.

Cloud computing is ideal for product development cycles. Not only can information be shared freely, but information is shared more quickly. As sales people visit clients, they can enter feedback into a system like Scanco Sales via their smartphones. This information can be accessed immediately by the marketing and product development teams, who can use it to build better products or enhance existing ones.

According to an article on Forbes, one manufacturer avoided an allocation issue because of the speed with which information was shared during a product launch cycle. This is made possible through cloud technology and mobile warehouse solutions, which uses internet-based services to share information in real-time.

Another benefit to product development from cloud technology is shortening the time to market. A shorter time to market cycle can lead to competitive advantages. Many high-tech manufacturers are using cloud technology for faster, tighter collaboration among their teams so that they can shorten the product development lifecycle.

Lastly, field tests can be conducted with clients using new products, and feedback entered immediately from test locations. Feedback shared on Monday may become part of a product by Tuesday thanks to the rapid sharing of information via cloud-based systems.

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