Closing the Receivables Gap with Scanco Sales for Sage 100

mobile salesToo many outstanding receivables can slow your cash flow down to a trickle. Thanks to Scanco Sales for  Sage 100 mobile sales, however, your sales team can access open invoices and process payments while visiting customers. It’s a good way to collect on many open receivables so that no customer has a large balance.

Scanco Sales for Sage 100 Means Mobile Sales

The Scanco Sales mobile sales solution enables anyone with access to the system the ability to take orders, collect payments, and enter customer data directly into the Sage 100 system. It works through smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and is a fully mobile solution. Because it runs off of the internet, you can use it wherever you can find a Wi-Fi connection.

With Scanco Sales, you field sales team has truly mobile sales. They can:

  • Access customer information anywhere. They can enter information into the system, too, and it will be updated throughout the system. Cloud-based solutions such as Sage 100 mobile sales make it easy to keep up to date with real-time data synchronization.
  • Review product information using a catalog that populates with all the information you need on your products. This enables you to showcase materials and information while visiting customers without having to carry heavy cases of marketing materials and product sheets with you.
  • Accept payments and process them right on your smartphone. Payment information instantly synchronizes throughout the system. You can also use a convenient e-invoice system to take orders and email instant invoices to customers while you’re on a sales call.

It’s this last feature that helps you close the receivables gap. Clients who order frequently may have a list of outstanding invoices, and you may not be able to accept new orders until some of those invoices are paid. By using the credit card processing and invoicing system on your Scanco Sales interface, you can quickly close those receivables, process payments, and increase profitability.

Closing the receivables gap means getting paid faster. When you can accept payment on your mobile device, you can receive payments and log them in quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Scanco Sales

There are many benefits of using mobile sales. Big sales can be closed right in the field without delays. You can even accept a deposit to hold an order, all from your smartphone or tablet when it is optimized with Scanco Sales.

Real-time visibility of stock counts, inventory, and supply chain also enables you to confidently confirm orders and assure customers of product availability. If an order is critical for your customer, you can verify everything before placing the order.

Quotes can be created while you’re with customers. Pick and choose from the custom catalog online, using standardized pricing set within your system for discounts, multiple orders, and more. Errors are also reduced because there’s no back and forth or manual data entry. You’re simply picking items from a menu to build out the quote

Benefits for Junior Staff

Scanco Sales for Sage 100 offers everyone in your organization many benefits, but perhaps none so many as for the junior members of your field service team.

Junior team members often have many questions about products and pricing. They may be unsure where to go for information on products and services. They may find it hard to ask for an order.

With Scanco Sales, a customized and visually appealing catalog makes it easy to showcase products.  Customer information can be accessed with a tap, making it easier for junior team members to answer questions knowledgeably and confidently. While they may still hesitate to ask for the order, it’s much easier to build quotes or orders using the mobile sales application, so there are few fewer hurdles to leap to close an order.

Scanco Sales can help you close more sales and receive payments, closing the receivables gap. It’s an investment that yields great profits from better sales.

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