Best Practices Reduce Order Errors for Mobile Field Sales

Sage 100 mobile warehouseYour mobile field sales force visits clients, solves problems, and takes orders daily. With Sage 100 mobile sales and Sage 100 mobile warehouse, order accuracy can improve. Access to real-time inventory data means that when customers ask, “Do you have it in stock?” the answer is always right!

Order-taking for mobile field sales has changed dramatically over the past several years. What used to be a completely manual process is now automated. Software accessed via smartphone or tablet can input orders directly from a customer hundreds of miles away from the warehouse.

With the entire ordering process made easier and more convenient for your mobile sales team, it’s important to put into place best practices to guide and motivate them. These best practices will help your entire mobile sales force use technology to improve the ordering process and the eventual data flow that fuels decision-making back at company headquarters. With accurate and timely sales data, you can better manage your inventory and warehouse systems.

Best Practices for Mobile Field Sales 

Your sales team may add to these best practices. Good field sales managers may already be training and coaching the mobile field staff through specific procedures and processes that can make things easier for them. Add to that list these best practices for maximum benefit.

  • Integrate data: Your mobile sales team needs more than just the ability to take orders. They need to look up past orders, check inventory levels, and resolve open issues. They can only do this when they can access enterprise-level software. Cloud-based ERP systems integrated with mobile sales systems provide them with the information they need to be better salespeople and partners with your clients.
  • Reward behaviors: Some people resist change. Reward the speedy adoption of mobile sales technology. Add contests or incentives for the best use of the technology and other behaviors you wish to encourage in your field sales team. It’s better to break down the behaviors you wish to reward into smaller steps, and reward each step, than to give people one big incentive that may be difficult to attain. Small rewards for simple behavior changes often lead to permanent changes rather than a rush to win a large contest.
  • Provide training: Although software such as Sage 100 mobile sales is easy to use, your sales team still needs some training to help them use it effectively. Schedule plenty of training time, including hands-on training (which adult learners respond the best to). Include follow-up time in the field to ensure the software is used correctly.

The good thing about mobile sales software is that most mobile systems are cloud-based. They’re updated automatically, so that once your team learns to use your new system, they won’t have another steep learning curve when the system is updated. Incremental updates will be easier for them to incorporate into their daily workflow.

Data on the Go, Data at Home 

Mobile sales software integrated with your ERP system means that data on the go is the same as data at home. What your operational and finance staff see in the office is the same as what a salesperson hundreds of miles away sees when he checks inventory levels. The resulting consistent information gives customers a sense of confidence in your company that may add to its competitive advantage.

Ready to Go Mobile? Scanco Software Solutions Can Help 

Your mobile field sales team needs reliable, effective software for order-taking and customer information. Scanco offers Scanco Sales, a Sage 100 mobile sales application, and Sage solutions that integrate easily into ERP systems and work well for mobile field sales. If your team needs information, we can help make sure they get it with great mobile solutions. Contact us today.