Best Practices for Physical Counts in Sage 100

physical countsDo you use cycle inventory counting? If not, you probably have a physical count in your near future. A well-performed physical count resulting in more accurate inventory data reduces operational costs as well as inventory expenses.

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Accurate physical counts are a means to providing better customer service. When your counts are accurate, you can have a more effective inventory replenishment system; when your counts are inaccurate, your ordering quantities are wrong, and your customer satisfaction will suffer.

Physical inventory count can be costly due to labor expense and lost production time. That is why it is important to find ways to minimize the time it takes while ensuring inventory count accuracy.

Proper Planning Improves Physical Count Performance

One key to better physical counts is up-front planning. Here are some steps to prepare for your physical count to make it more efficient and accurate.

  • Carry out a mock count.
  • Inform suppliers, customers, and production.
  • Minimize shutdown.
  • Establish count areas and assignments.
  • Dispose of obsolete inventory.
  • Prepare equipment and your software.
  • Train your staff.
  • Cease operations completely.
  • Provide extra support staff.

 Physical Counts in Sage 100 are even easier with Scanco Counts

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