Barcoding Solutions Impacting More than Just the Warehouse

Barcoding is the single-most beneficial solution you can invest in when it comes to improving the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse. Barcoding solutions, such as Sage 100 barcoding  and Sage 500 barcoding software (formerly MAS 90 barcoding, MAS 200 barcoding software, MAS 500 barcoding software), not only help companies achieve lean status and bring organization to the warehouse, but they also safeguard your company against theft and carelessness. The benefits, however, do not end in the warehouse. The effects of barcoding can be felt across the entire organization and have lasting benefits for years to come.

Most companies invest in barcoding software for inventory management purposes. Because about 90% of a company’s product costs are tied up in inventory, many companies are looking for ways to cost-effectively manage their inventory levels. Overstocks and understocks can have significant consequences on a company’s bottom-line and can lead to unsatisfactory customer experiences. If your customers are requesting products that are constantly out-of-stock, they will eventually turn elsewhere for their products and services. Don’t let that happen! A sufficient inventory management system (one that includes barcoding technology) can transform not only your warehouse, but your entire business.

Take a look at some of the areas of your business a good inventory management system with barcoding capabilities will improve:

  • Manufacturing and Distribution
    Knowing how many raw materials you have on hand – in addition to the number of finished products in your warehouse – is important to the distribution and manufacturing process. Barcode scanners and barcoding software can provide managers with real-time information so they can reduce lead times and make better, more informed decisions at every level in the manufacturing process. Barcoding also allows management to track inventory as it passes through the warehouse, giving them a clear idea of where their products are at every step in the process. This not only prevents any confusion on the warehouse floor, but it also helps reduce theft.Barcoding not only automates the process, but it also provides you with better visibility throughout the entire process. Don’t let your inventory get lost in your warehouse, and don’t let your employees waste valuable time in the manufacturing and distribution process. Invest in a barcoding solution today!
  • Customer Service
    In addition to automating the manufacturing and distribution process, barcoding can improve your customer service and satisfaction rates. Using barcoding helps warehouse workers automate the picking and packing process, which – in turn – means your orders are shipped with a higher level of accuracy than through manual picking and packing methods.
  • Purchasing
    Barcoding will provide your purchasing department with real-time information in regards to your company’s inventory levels. This will help your purchasing department make better informed decisions on what to order and when to order it, resulting in better pricing and cost reduction decisions.
  • Accounting
    By fully integrating your barcoding solution with your company’s ERP system, your accounting department can automatically track order entries. This will allow the accounting department to create more timely invoices, resulting in your company getting paid faster. Also, with purchasing being more accurate, your accounts payable and accounts receivable will most likely have fewer errors!

The most important aspect of a barcoding solution, however, is that it is scalable, and the implementation of such a solution will allow your company to grow and evolve into a level of efficiency you’ve never before experienced. For an in-depth explanation on how to implement your Sage 100 barcoding or Sage 500 barcoding solution (formerly MAS 90 barcoding, MAS 200 barcoding and MAS 500 barcoding software), read our blog. We have provided several articles to guide you through the barcode implementation process. As always, contact us for more information about Sage 100 and 500 barcoding software and any of our other barcoding solutions.

Are you currently using barcoding software to streamline your warehouse processes? What cross-organizational benefits have you seen as a result of implementing your Sage 100 barcoding (MAS 90 barcoding / MAS 200 barcoding) solution?