Avoid These 3 Inventory Barcode System Sins

inventory barcode systemWarehouse managers understand that managing the constant juggle of distribution every day takes skill and talent, as well as warehouse expertise. Many managers, however, are finding that the pace of warehouse management has increased so much recently that they’re now considering inventory barcode systems to increase their order-fulfillment speed and efficiency.

Choosing the right solution is important, and if you’re in the process of selecting an inventory barcode system, we recommend you take a moment to read this article so you can avoid common problems.

Sin #1. Choosing an Unknown Vendor

When you first start looking into barcode system vendors, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of options you have, as well as the varying price structures. Because there’s so much variation in this industry, we recommend you start, not with a Google search, but by asking your ERP reseller.

Your reseller knows your ERP and your specific needs, and they truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of various solutions and vendors. They’ll suggest a good vendor that they’ve personally worked with, and with whom they have a personal connection. That personal connection between your reseller and your inventory barcode system vendor will benefit you greatly during the implementation process.

Sin #2. Choosing an Untested Developer

If you start your search by asking your ERP reseller about their recommendations, you won’t run into this problem, but we understand that sometimes people don’t like their resellers, or they bought their ERP directly from the developer. If you’re conducting the search on your own, you may be tempted to turn to a vendor you personally know, who implemented another add-on for you at a previous time and who mentioned at some point that they can do inventory barcoding too.

Be aware when you contact independent software vendors that there’s a difference between “we’ve done this for a few of our clients” and “this is what we do.” A vendor who has developed a one-off solution for a few of their clients is unlikely to have the skillset or flexibility to get you a system that does exactly what you want on the deadline you prefer.

Sin #3. Choosing a Non-Integrated Inventory Barcode System

Some barcode systems connect to your ERP, some don’t. The fact is an integrated system is extremely important. The point of inventory barcoding systems is to save time in your warehouse, in terms of inventory management and the pick-and-pack process.

If you save time on scanning, but spend all that saved time on data export and import, you’re spending the same amount of time you were previously and you have the same likelihood of data-entry errors—but now you’ve spent money to be in the same place you were before. Oops.

Who You Choose and What They Do Matters

As in all of your business decisions, your choices matter—and it’s important to make the right choice because the wrong choice can impact your profitability for years to come. At Scanco, we’ve been providing barcoding systems, warehouse automation, and warehouse management solutions for nearly 30 years. It’s what we do.

We’re not going to suggest that you shortcut this process or commit any of the sins we listed above, which means that we don’t want you to contact us without recommendations. Instead, you should get in touch with your reseller and ask them about their experience with Scanco solutions. Once you hear glowing reviews from your reseller, you can contact our Scanco team online to set up your free consultation. We look forward to meeting you.