Are You Using the Right Tools Outside of the Warehouse?

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How Sage 100 Mobile Sales is Transforming Sales as We Know It

Sage-100-Mobile-SalesJust as it is important to use the right warehouse automation and warehouse management tools in the warehouse, it is equally important to use the right tools outside of the warehouse. While an efficient and streamlined warehouse environment is nice to have and certainly impacts the bottom line, if the processes outside of your warehouse are inefficient or cumbersome, your business is still not reaching its true potential. True business success involves changes and improvements all across the board – not just in the warehouse.

One particular area that directly impacts the warehouse is in the area of sales. Today’s sales representatives spend the majority of their time in the field: chasing leads, engaging prospects and closing sales deals. Those closed deals are then quickly turned into sales orders that need to be processed, filled and delivered in a quick and expedient manner. Streamlining the communication from the sales field to the office and the warehouse, however, has always been a challenge. Until very recently, sales reps often had to wait to close deals and finalize order details until they got back to the office and could access the company’s ERP system. This, in turn, meant longer processing, fill and shipping times.

How Mobile is Changing the Sales Landscape

The introduction of mobile technology in the workplace has changed this reality for many businesses. Designed to increased efficiency so there’s less waiting around and more productive activity, mobile business solutions streamline the communication across the business so more work can get done in less time. For the sales department, mobile technology has been a game changer.

Sales departments utilizing mobile sales tools are said to be more successful in meeting their goals than their non-mobile counterparts. Mobile sales tools give sales reps access to important product, sales and customer information they would not otherwise have in the field, making it easier to pitch their sale, wow the customer, and close the deal. Tools such as our Sage 100 mobile sales app, Scanco Sales, can provide sales representatives with the connectivity they need out in the field, increasing their effectiveness and efficiency as they close deals and interact with customers.

Using Sage 100 Mobile Sales to Capture Leads and Close Deals Faster

Our Sage 100 mobile sales app was specifically designed to open up the line of communication between sales representatives, the office, and the warehouse. By providing sales reps with access to important product information and the company’s ERP system, Sage 100 remote sales apps make the sales process easier. Take a look at how Scanco Sales can help your company close more deals and get products into the hands of your customers faster:

  1. Scanco Sales allows you to collect leads instantly. Linked directly to Sage 100 ERP software (MAS 90 software and MAS 200 software), our Sage 100 remote sales app allows you to input prospect and customer information quickly and easily on your mobile device. Waiting to get to the office or quickly writing down relevant contact information is a thing of the past with mobile sales tools.
  2. Scanco Sales connects you with relevant product material, collateral and availability information. Have you ever left your product brochures back at the office and had to spout product specifications from your memory? Or have you ever promised the availability of a product only to get back to the office and find that the warehouse is currently out of stock? With Sage 100 mobile sales, you have virtual access to all of your company’s brochures and product collateral and can easily show potential customers what they are getting with your products. Scanco Sales even allows you to view stock availability in real-time so you don’t have to worry about unexpected news from the warehouse.
  3. Scanco Sales communicates effortlessly with Sage 100 ERP. Scanco Sale’s integration with Sage 100 ERP expedites the sales process, allowing sales representatives to create sales invoices on the spot and put orders into the warehouse simultaneously. Everything captured by the sales rep (even payment!) is sent to Sage 100 ERP from the Sage 100 remote sales app, speeding up the entire process.

Want to learn how Scanco Sales can fit your business? Contact one of our Sage 100 mobile sales experts today.

Are you imagining mobile sales in your future? Leave a comment below and let us know about the challenges you are currently experiencing by not having mobile sales tools in place.