Are You Running Your Warehouse in the Cloud?

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running-your-warehouse-in-the-cloudAs we discussed last week, Cloud computing is transforming the way manufacturing and distribution companies operate. It is not only making warehouse management solutions more affordable, but it is also improving efficiency and productivity among warehouse workers. By running your warehouse in the Cloud, you can achieve full control over your warehouse operations without having to worry about maintaining expensive hardware. In fact, many Cloud solutions, such as our Scanco Warehouse app for Sage 100 ERP, can be used on devices you already own!

For the first time ever, you can mix and match the hardware in your warehouse to meet your specific needs. When you run your warehouse in the Cloud, you are not limited to just one device; you can use as many devices as you’d like (as long as it is compatible with your warehouse management application). Your warehouse receiving operators can use iPads to perform receiving tasks. Mobile phones can be used for performing the physical count (or cycle counting), and handheld devices (or mobile phones with barcode scanning attachments) can be used during the shipping process. Because your warehouse management (or ERP) system is based in the Cloud, all of the information captured via your mobile devices will be transmitted back to the system in real-time so you don’t have any data inaccuracies.

How’s that for improving efficiency in the warehouse?

It’s safe to say that the Cloud is revolutionizing the warehouse management process. By running your warehouse in the Cloud, you are transitioning your company into the future. We’ve watched this trend evolve for some time and have created Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 ERP to meet your warehouse automation needs. This Sage 100 mobile Cloud-based solution is designed to work with any iOS, Android, and Windows device so you have the flexibility you need to perform each and every warehouse management task. Learn more about how Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 / MAS 200) can quickly take your warehouse to new levels of warehouse automation.

Are you using mobile devices in the warehouse? How are you mixing and matching hardware to perform your warehouse management tasks? Share your experiences below – we’d love to hear how you are using the Cloud to improve your warehouse management efforts!