Are You Operating an Intelligent Warehouse?

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Why Business Intelligence Matters in Warehouse Management and Manufacturing

intelligent-warehouse-managementHow much do you know about the daily happenings in your warehouse? Are you aware of problems as they arise, or are you only informed of issues until after they have affected your operation in a major way?

In order to run a successful warehouse or manufacturing operation, you need to have all the facts. Unfortunately, many of today’s manufacturers and distributors are operating with little to no information. If they want to know how a certain area is performing or if orders are being completed on-time, they have to search for the information themselves or wait for a report to be run on their request. This type of manufacturing and warehouse management is less than ideal, as it allows for the possibility of missing crucial, time-sensitive information that could impact the business and business decisions.

So how are manufacturers and distributors supposed to access the information they need to run their business well? With so many technologies and solutions out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Our advice? Choose the solution with built-in, intuitive business intelligence.

What is Business Intelligence, and How Does it Relate to Manufacturing and Warehouse Management?

To put it simply, business intelligence is a set of tools and techniques that are built into a software solution in order to help a business to make sense of raw data. Business intelligence essentially turns meaningless data and information into something meaningful and useful that can be used for business analysis purposes. Manufacturers and distributors can use the information gleaned from business intelligence tools to make better decisions and improve the management of their operations. From dashboards to in-depth, real-time reports, business intelligence adds immense value to operations that desperately need intelligence to succeed.

In the case of manufacturing and warehouse management, business intelligence can answer the most basic and complex questions about receiving, shipping, production, labor and order fulfillment. Manufacturers and distributors who use intelligent software and technologies are able to find the answers they need quickly so they can create the best strategy for their business. Without access to this type of data in real-time, however, manufacturers and distributors risk falling behind the competition and losing efficiency in their operation.

The Benefits of Intelligent Manufacturing and Warehouse Management Technology

Business intelligence adds substantial value to the warehouse and manufacturing environment and can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful operation. Here are three reasons your company should be using intelligent manufacturing and warehouse management products:

  1. More accurate forecasting.
    While no application can predict the future, intelligent manufacturing and warehouse management solutions can you prepare for the most likely business reality. Business intelligence creates more accurate forecasts through the use of algorithms applied to historical data, allowing you to prepare in advanced for changes in inventory and sales.
  2. Improved decision-making.
    The warehouse is a fast-paced environment, and you need to be able to make decisions quickly. With intelligent WMS, managers can obtain the information they need in real-time and even share reports with other key decision-makers instantly via the Cloud. Waiting around to get the information you need to make decisions is a thing of the past with intelligent tools.
  3. Streamlined operations.
    With detailed insight and knowledge about your operation, you can easily determine where you need to make changes to streamline operations. Business intelligence highlights problem areas in your operation and analyzes the effect of each issue.

Scanco’s Sage 100 warehouse management products are built for the intelligent warehouse. This means that all of our solutions – including our mobile apps – are designed with the highest quality of business intelligence around. Users can configure dashboards to their own data preferences, pull real-time reports on any area of the operation, and check-in on productivity rates and labor costs. To learn more about our intelligent warehouse management and manufacturing technology, contact us today.