Announcing Scanco Warehouse 500 on iOS & Android at Sage Summit

Sage 500At the Sage Summit, we unveiled the Sage 500 application—Scanco Warehouse 500 for iOS and Android.

The next generation of warehouse management for Sage 500 from the company that started it all is at Sage Summit. The company that brought iOS and Android to warehouse management for Sage 100 now has another first and it’s only available from Scanco. Use iOS and Android devices to automate all of your warehouse needs with Sage 500. Scanco offers the very best in iOS and Android warehouse management software, from basic inventory to full-blown enterprise functionality

Download a Sage 500 App from iTunes or Google Play

It’s just like downloading your favorite games, music player or other business tools to your iPhone or tablet! The Sage 500 app can now be found on both iTunes or Google Play. Just download it to your device, set it up, and you’re all set to use it as part of your warehouse management tools.

It’s an amazing advancement in the science of warehouse management. Unlike older systems, which required a heavy investment into specialized equipment, the Sage 500 app means that any phone, tablet or laptop that’s compatible with iOS or Android can run the software. Transform your warehouse operations and streamline access using the Sage 500 app.

The new app allows you to automate your inventory quickly and easily. Streamline order picking, cycle counts, transfers and more, all from your favorite device. The app works similarly to other apps you’re familiar with using touch screen technology.

The new system:

  • Improves warehouse efficiency.
  • Increases the ability of staff to use the same software.
  • Speeds up order fulfillment.
  • Integrates with Sage 500 label printing.

With these features, you can literally transform your warehouse. Improve reordering time frames, manage cost of goods, transfer merchandise and more. Avoid excess inventory and out of stock messages through improved forecasting. You can even add overnight orders or fast shipping options for your customers since Sage 500 speeds up order fulfillment.

Sage 500 Offers Many Benefits

Sage 500 is one of the most robust ERP systems available today. It is especially designed for manufacturers, providing a comprehensive set of tools to help you run the financial and operations aspects of your business with ease.

Integrated manufacturing capabilities make it a good match for automotive, high tech, electronics, consumer goods, and other discrete manufacturers. Track expenses, cash outflows, receivables, cost of goods and more using Sage 500.

Other benefits include improved inventory forecasting and warehouse count checks that enable you to manage inventory levels and warehouse operations with an unprecedented level of detail. Supply chain management, business intelligence forecasting, accounting and financials, H.R. and payroll, and sales management are all handled with Scanco Warehouse for Sage 500.

Through one dashboard, you can gain insights about multiple areas of your business. Business intelligence can be used to make better decisions, and information gained from warehouse, inventory and supply chain systems can all be used for better, faster, and more economical order fulfillment. It adds up into a powerful system to manage a competitive manufacturing or warehouse-driven environment.

Real-time data also enhances your business decisions like never before. When you can access accurate information without delay, you can make smarter decisions. These decisions quickly add up to a better overall business model, and a business that’s more profitable.

Get More Information on Scanco Warehouse 500

If you’re interested in further information about Scanco Warehouse 500, visit Scanco. Our mission is to transform how companies handle warehouse management. We offer warehouse management software and support, barcoding software and label printing, and much more. Learn more about our services online or contact us.