5 Key Insights for Sage MAS 90 / Sage 100 Manufacturers

Sage 100Visibility is the #1 concern for manufacturers that run Just-in-Time (JIT) operations for make-to-order manufacturing companies in Sage 100 / Sage MAS 90. Unfortunately, today’s shifting landscape makes it hard to gain the visibility you need to succeed with the varied requirements of eCommerce, eFulfillment, big-box retail partners, and long-term smaller clients.

Accurate time management and purchasing requires on-the-spot insight into your performance metrics in real time, but stock versions of Sage MAS 90 don’t offer the metrics you need. If you suspect that your delayed data is delaying your success, or if you’re drowning in administrative busy work, it’s time for a better solution.

Work smarter and get actionable data from Scanco, the Sage 100 / Sage MAS 90 manufacturing automation experts helping companies like yours gain key insights into critical areas for the past 28 years. Contact Scanco online or call (877) SCANCO-1 to schedule your free advisory consultation.

The Manufacturer’s Dilemma

When you get a new work order, what do you do first? Scheduling requires instantaneous knowledge of delivery dates, labor availability, raw material stock levels, and current order queues, but it takes time to gather all of this information without a system.

While you’re wasting time collecting information, your prospect is waiting. The longer you take, the more impatient they’ll get—and it’s not like you’re the only game in town anymore. They might choose a different supplier for their future needs.

Speed production, schedule work quickly, and get faster answers to your clients when you have insight into these five key areas:

  1. Jobs

A demanding production schedule can leave you feeling like you’ll never catch up. Knowing the status of your in-process and recently completed jobs can give you perspective on your day-to-day productivity and help you stay on top of work, even during rush times.

  1. Employees

Some employees work fast … some don’t. With detailed information about your labor output on the shop floor, you’ll know where best to place your workers so you can allocate your most productive staff to critical areas when you’re running behind.

  1. WIP Status

High-volume clients often lead to a last-minute rush, which can increase your errors and delays. With insight into your work-in-process, you’ll have the freedom to modify your priorities and labor needs so you can get work done in a timely manner.

  1. Materials Usage

Running out of raw materials in JIT manufacturing can kill deadlines, and new workers or old machines can waste materials faster than you expected. To avoid these problems, effective managers need to keep an eye on material stock levels, as well as expected vs. actual scrap volumes, so they can avoid production slowdowns.

  1. Shipping Needs

Shipping times are getting shorter and logistics planning is getting harder due to global weather complications. Advance planning on orders can help you overcome a wide range of shipping challenges so you can maintain high customer satisfaction levels from direct clients and their retail partners.

Get Instant, At-a-Glance Insight in Sage 100 / Sage MAS 90

Sometimes, getting the insight you need is a lot simpler than you think. Exports and data analysis aren’t simple, but software is. Well … some software is.

Instead of choosing those other vendors’ troublesome code modifications for your Sage 100 / Sage MAS 90 software, you can take the easy path. For in-depth, yet at-a-glance insight into your manufacturing operations, consider mounting a 50-inch monitor on your shop floor wall that displays all the data you need in a handy, easy-to-understand format: a dashboard. Since the dashboard display refreshes every 60 seconds, you can ensure you’ll always stay on track.

Take a look at the Sage 100 / Sage MAS 90 dashboard when you schedule a demo with Scanco. Don’t like online contact forms? Call us direct at our easy-to-remember number: (877) SCANCO-1.