3 Tips for Using Scanco Sales to Improve Customer Retention

Sage 100 mobileDid you know that you can use Scanco Sales, our Sage 100 mobile sales app, to improve customer retention? In fact, it can be a valuable tool to generate repeat business from your existing customer base.

Three Customer Retention Strategies

Your ERP contains a wealth of customer data that can be used to encourage repeat sales as well as boost loyalty among your customers. When your sales team has Scanco Sales on their mobile device or laptop, they have real-time access to that information. The following three retention strategies can be implemented using Scanco Sales and your ERP to achieve great results.

  1. Build a VIP system: You may know which of your customers are VIPs or you may need the help of your customer database to identify them. Establish criteria for your VIPs, whether it’s sales volume or frequency. Then think of ways to reward them for their patronage. Perhaps expedited shipping, free shipping, or a bonus may be a great way to reward them. Use Scanco Sales to communicate your thanks for their business and be sure to let them know you appreciate them.
  2. Personalize follow ups: You can use Scanco Sales to personalize follow-up communications with customers. Personalization goes beyond using their name in the salutation field. Use the information contained in your ERP to reference previous orders and check on their satisfaction with their orders, to inquire whether a problem was resolved to their satisfaction, or simply to ask about their business needs in the next quarter. The more you can personalize your interactions with your customers, the better they respond and the more likely you are to keep their business.
  3. Schedule sales calls: Use Scanco Sales to schedule sales calls, training calls, and check in calls with your customers. Record the information in your system and make it a point to connect with valued customers at least quarterly, if not sooner. Include notes about each visit so that if someone else connects with them, they’ll have more information to prepare them for a successful visit.

Retaining existing customers and ensuring their continued satisfaction helps you build your business. With a base of happy customers, you can then continually expand and add more while maintaining a profitable business. Using Scanco Sales to boost retention rates is a smart business practice that will help you increase revenue.

Learn More about Scanco Sales, a Sage 100 Mobile App

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