10 Top Benefits of Mobile Warehouse Solutions

mobile warehouse solutionsIn the distribution industry, it seems there’s never enough time to get everything done, and savvy distributors understand that if they want to stay ahead in today’s consumer-demand-driven environment, they’ll have to keep putting in longer and longer hours, unless they plan smart.

Learn how mobile warehouse solutions can help your distribution company not only keep pace, but pull ahead of the competition with these top 10 benefits:

  1. Eliminate Data Delays

With connected mobile devices in your warehouse, your team won’t waste time duplicating each other’s efforts because they’ll always have access to the updated order status information they need.

  1. Increase Productivity

Mobile solutions help your team instantly move from one order to the next without pausing to enter data at a workstation—their mobile handsets will automatically enter the data for them!

  1. Get Real-Time Insight

A mobile-based warehouse solution not only keeps your team on track picking orders, it also keeps you on track managing orders because you’ll constantly have real-time insight into the exact status of your inventory.

  1. Answer Customer Queries

Since mobile warehouse solutions keep your inventory numbers up to date at all times, you can trust that the numbers you see in your office are the numbers you’d see on the floor. You can deliver customer satisfaction with fast answers to questions and orders shipped right when you said they’d be.

  1. Keep Employees on Their Toes

Stop your workers from wasting time while they’re moving from bin to bin when you give them helpful access to real-time statistics regarding your warehouse’s overall and detailed productivity stats.

  1. Make Job Completion a Breeze

Employees who are used to spending time entering tedious data at various workstations will be amazed at how quickly their work tasks go by when they don’t have to worry about data entry.

  1. Find Inventory Fast

Locate inventory items in record time, either on foot for packing purposes, or on screen for query purposes—no matter what bins they’re stored in. Finally, you’ll be able to find inventory wherever it was placed because mobile solutions leave no room for data-entry error.

  1. Pick, Pack, and Ship Faster

Your workers will literally be speeding through the warehouse because they’ll know where inventory is, and their pick, pack, and ship process won’t require any time-consuming paperwork to finish. They’ll simply have to collect, scan, pack, and scan again. Easy.

  1. Avoid Gaps in Data

Mobile solutions help your warehouse floor wonderfully, but they need to seamlessly connect to your ERP so they can help your front and back offices view and access necessary, up-to-date information with no missing or delayed data.

  1. Enjoy Business Growth

Because mobile warehouse solutions grant you real-time access to data and speed up your operations, you’ll be able to take on more work in less time, which will help you grow your business faster than your competition.

Put It All Together with Mobile Warehouse Solutions

From employee management, to fast accurate data and happier customers, the benefits that come from a mobile warehouse solution help your distribution company deliver better service in record time so that you can grow your business with confidence. But these are only the top 10 benefits. There are many, many other benefits that mobile-based solutions bring to your warehouse operations.

Learn how your warehouse can benefit from mobile solutions when you contact the warehouse experts at Scanco. Since 1989, Scanco has been helping companies like yours streamline operations to enhance efficiency, and we’d love to meet with you to identify and repair the main workflow delays you face. Contact us online or call us at 1-877-SCANCO-1 to schedule your free consultation today.