Now You Have Choices

For the first time users can choose what device they want to use to manage inventory for Sage 100 ERP. Scanco Warehouse will run on rugged Windows based scanners, phones, tablets, and even a desktop. Users can also use iOS and Android devices with Scanco Warehouse lowering hardware costs exponentially.

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Smart Meets Rugged

Using a smart phone in the warehouse doesn’t mean sacrificing ruggedness. Thanks to the new pistol grip accessory from Infinite Peripherals, you can protect your handheld device and run Scanco Warehouse from your device at a mind blowing low cost. The classic pistol grip form of this ergonomic device is quickly becoming the number one hardware choice.

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With 25 years of experience in barcoding automation and an OEM partnership with Sage, we have what it takes to create cutting edge warehouse automation software that challenges the status quo.

Sage 100

Scanco Warehouse integrates seamlessly with Sage 100 ERP extending the functionality without modifying your processes. Our goal is to create a more efficient and dynamic warehouse environment.

Sage 500

Our solution also integrates with Sage 500 ERP, which has a specific focus on manufacturing and inventory management for high end users looking to add barcode scanning to their warehouses.


A leader in cloud based ERP systems, NetSuite, integrates with Scanco Warehouse and uses technology similar to that of our software to connect its users with live validated information that you never have to “sync”.

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demoexUnlock your growth potential using Scanco’s Warehouse Automation Series. Scanco provides best in class software and support, as well as customized packages and integrations to Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and NetSuite. Scanco gives you an efficient, quick, and easy way to automate your warehouse using barcode scanning technology. Make sure you get your automation services from the leaders in the industry.

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